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Religions serving fraternity

"To approach each other, to express ourselves, to listen to each other, to look at each other, to know each other, to try to understand each other, to seek points of contact, all this is summed up in the verb "to dialogue." To meet and help each other, we need to dialogue. There is no need to say what dialogue is for. I need only think what the world would be without the patient dialogue of so many generous people who have kept families and communities together. Persistent and courageous dialogue does not make the headlines like confrontations and conflicts, yet it discreetly helps the world live better, much more than we may realize."

[excerpt from Encyclical "Fratelli tutti," 198]

"When grounded in life experience, mutual respect and trust of the other, dialogue, though capable of bringing out commonalities, does not lead to confusion of beliefs, but brings out diversity with brothers and sisters of other traditions. They, in this spirit, are not a hindrance, rather an enrichment and an invitation to respect the other's faith and tradition for what it is."

[excerpt from the article "Spiritualità di comunione e dialogo interreligioso"]

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