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2024 > Labors and challenges of meeting.

Since 1966, every March 21 marks the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, established by the UN.

FILEO is dedicating a week-long in-depth study to this anniversary, "WHEN THE OTHER FEARS. Prejudices, Stereotypes and Discrimination."

The theme is being addressed through various proposals: installations, book presentations, short films, experiential workshops and paths for school groups. The events aim to raise awareness of the fight against discrimination, to offer spaces, times and stimuli to deal with the struggles and successes of dialogue, and to reflect on integration processes related to identity and cultural recognition.
The topics covered involve both civil society and pastoral action and are part of the Catholic Church's path toward what Pope Francis, for example, advocates:

"Fear deprives us of the desire and ability to encounter the other"
[Encyclical Letter Fratelli Tutti, 41].


The Thematic Week is the result of a working table attended by:

Fileo, Migrantour Bergamo, IFF Integrazione Film Festival, ISREC Istituto Bergamasco per la Storia della Resistenza e Dell'Età Contemporanea, SAI Sistema Accoglienza Integrazione Bagnatica, Ecummé Commission, I.C. San Paolo d'Argon.