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The Abbey of San Paolo d'Argon is a place rich in history, art and beauty. A location, on the outskirts of Bergamo, set in the fascinating setting of Colle d'Argon. The complex, built in 1079, maintains an old-world charm, with rooms embellished with frescoes, works of art and testimonies that trace a past that has spanned the centuries. 

It is an ideal venue for exclusive events: weddings and religious ceremonies, thanks to the presence of the nearby parish church, elegant and representative halls and rooms, as well as a large covered outdoor space with two cloisters, in addition to the beautiful garden. The Abbey also hosts conventions, conferences and business events, being able to count on rooms that can be modulated according to attendance and appropriate technology. The Abbey of San Paolo d'Argon and its connection with important religious figures, artistic and cultural vocation, makes the Abbey the set for exhibitions, workshops and performances.